IoT-Powered Supply Chain Monitoring for

Get real-time monitoring and secured records for your temperature-sensitive products.

Carefully crafted and optimized for your fleet vehicles.

Real-time monitoring, control, and documentation

Created for your convenience

Track your fleet and create secure documentation to ensure quality of products with confidence in your drivers, cargo, and vehicles.


Temperature and Vehicle System Monitoring


GPS Location Tracking


Decentralized ledgers of transactions


Alarms Settings & Security

Monitor and document your cargo’s temperature, location and alarms through our advanced tracking software.

Multiple users on a connected network for increased productivity and a smaller work load.


  • Optimize savings by understanding patterns of utilization
  • Spot trends and competitive responses with other units
  • Create secured ledgers including transactions, locations, alarm settings and more
  • Take care of potential maintenance issues as soon as possible
  • Increase the safety of your drivers and your products
  • Receive notifications of real-time vulnerabilities and disruptions
  • See suggestions for replacements to dodge expensive repercussions
  • Customize your system configuration and dashboard
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California All Resources Board Partner
Vancity Partner
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Optimize savings and spot trends through calibrated and secured tracking. Our user-friendly tracking platform helps you understand and verify patterns of utilizations to increase savings and productivity.

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